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ADA Bus Company motorized lifting platform to facilitate access to the bus for wheelchair or scooter travellers. Check the minimum characteristics of chairs and scooters allowed in the Special places section. The complete frame of bars and handles in contrasting colour and non-slip material to facilitate access and abandonment of the bus for passengers in wheelchairs, disabilities or reduced mobility. Our companies Bus floor in non-slip and non-reflective materials, both dry and wet. An easily reached bus or accessible Over-The-Road Bus is a bus that includes a lift for getting passengers who cannot climb steps onto a bus, particular locations for securing the wheelchair to avoid it from sliding, and other features to effortlessness travel for disabled passengers.  Our magnetic induction devices to guarantee access to information for passengers with hearing problems and we very carefully handle disability person in our bus. The motorized or elevating platform for access to the bus for wheelchair or scooter travellers. Check the minimum characteristics of chairs and scooters allowed in the Special places section. Our bus contains Full weft of bars and handles with a non-slip surface and in contrasting colour for easy location. Here available Push buttons for stop request next to spaces for wheelchair or scooter passengers. Devices that visually and soundly indicate the request status of the next stop and its name. Our vehicle floor made with non-slip materials that do not produce reflections neither in dry nor in wet conditions.

ADA Bus Companies Border of the access steps to the bus in a contrasting colour, generally yellow or in reflective material and Lighting in the area of the access stairs. Check the conditions and the minimum characteristics of chairs and scooters admitted in the Special places section. Stop buttons next to seats for passengers in wheelchairs or scooters. A kneeling system that reduces the height of the vehicle to facilitate access for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. Places intended for travellers with reduced mobility or passengers with disabilities. These squares have differentiated upholstery and more space to travel with your assistance dog if necessary and include distinctive stickers. Stop and call buttons next to seats reserved for travellers with disabilities and special needs. Support dog support with seats reserved for travellers with reduced mobility. ADA Bus Company provides Plates with the numbering of the seats and information on security aspects in Maryland. Mobility is essential for people to participate in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally. However, there are people with some type of disability (temporary or permanent) for whom moving around in our city can be a barrier. An accessible city must allow and facilitate its inhabitants to move comfortably, regardless of their physical or sensory limitations. Yrlimo Company is actively committed to improving accessibility in public transport. All vehicles with low floor or wheelchair access ramp have reserved at least one space for wheelchairs, as well as seats reserved for people with reduced mobility. We have lots of buses equipped with a visual and sound information system that alerts travellers to the next stop, in addition to providing information on the line and destination outside the bus when it arrives at the stop and opens its doors. The distribution of vehicles in services to the different lines is carried out taking into account, among others, accessibility criteria, assigning vehicles equipped with a wheelchair access ramp to those lines with a greater degree of use by people with physical limitations in this sense. Click here to know more about ADA Bus Companies.

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