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Shuttle Bus Company in Maryland offers a transit service for people with disabilities that prevents them from travelling on fixed-route buses. You must be pre-approved to travel. Our Shuttle Bus Company puts into service new articulated buses, with three spaces for child seats and wheelchairs. To guarantee the safety distance between the driver's seat and the users, a few weeks ago the front was sealed with tape. This ribbon is now replaced by a plastic and a chain, which will allow the right machine to be used. The first buses are already running with this second machine active and it is expected that in the next few days all buses will have this option enabled. At the moment, the vending machine located next to the driver's seat is still suppressed. As a payment method, debit/credit card is maintained in its different modalities and cash payment continues, with EMV contactless bank card, as well as online banking. For optimal use of the two automated validator machines available, it is necessary to wait for the lights of the previous user validation to go out so that the machine does not crash. When making the payment, it is also necessary to respect the distance from other people. Along with these measures, in recent weeks other actions have been carried out in the service: access to the bus through the central door of the vehicle and down through the back door, so that the recommended distance is maintained between people who get on and those who get off. It cannot be accessed through the front door. In the case of minibuses, access and descent are done through the same door. The use of the two fronts seats, the ones closest to the driver's seat, is abolished. Seats that are allowed to sit and seats that are not to be used are also marked. In the case of people who travel standing, it is recommended to respect the safety distance from other users. The maximum recommended capacity is limited according to vehicle model: twenty people on twelve-meter buses, twenty-five people on eighteen-meter buses, fourteen people on ten-meter buses and eight people on minibuses. This information is available at the vehicle access door.


KV Limo provides cleaning and disinfection of buses at night in garages and during service. The new vehicles are similar to the last eighteen-meter buses added to the fleet last year, but they include an important novelty. In the central area, the buses have three spaces reserved for wheelchairs and child seats, thus offering additional space in this area. The three spaces are duly signposted and, in turn, these buses have a sign, both at the front and at the central door, so that users can identify it from the outside. This sticker indicates whether the articulated bus has two or three spaces. Currently, the twelve and eighteen-meter Shuttle Bus has two spaces in the central area reserved for wheelchairs and cars/child seats. Users who access in a wheelchair or with cars/child seats do so through the central door and have a validating machine in the area of ​​the central platform. In the case of minibuses, it is a single space for wheelchairs and cars/child seats. From now on, this new space for cars/child seats will be progressively enabled in the new articulated buses that will be incorporated into the fleet. Maryland has a transport service that connects the city center with the airport. The line runs 24 hours a day every day of the year with departure from station during the day and night. This service is a great benefit for people with night flights. Click here to know more about Shuttle Bus Company in Maryland.

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