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KV Limo is one of the cheapest and most comfortable transport systems for handicapped, compared to the USA and the world, since we can reach the city center from the airport and vice versa for just a small amount of money, taking only few minutes to your destination. It should be noted that on Christmas season days such as December 24, 25 and 31 and January 1 the service is not carried out normally. The buses have the capacity for 88 passengers and have modern luggage racks to make the journey as comfortable as possible. You can carry any type of luggage (suitcase, trolleys and travel bags) weighing less than 23 kilograms, and shape and size admitted in Civil Aviation standards. The luggage must be placed in such a way that it does not pose a danger to oneself and other travellers. Luggage transport does not involve any additional fee; it is included in the ticket price. The buses have a rear bicycle rack with rails and anchors for two conventional bicycles. Our Bus drivers know how wheelchair access works. "It is rare to find a driver who really knows how to operate the lift on express buses," says a disabled user. The first time a disable person attempted to ride in our bus in his wheelchair and our staff driver shows how the public transportation elevator worked. A disabled person takes our special express bus because the closest metro station to his home does not have an elevator. It is estimated that only twenty-three of Subway stations have one, so for many disabled people the bus is their daily salvation, and for this reason, they consider it very important that drivers know how to manipulate services.

KV Limo​ has hundred per cent wheelchairs accessible fleets of buses, wheelchair users and others with disabilities that cannot use the stairs still face challenges in taking these transports. These include drivers untrained in the use of their wheelchair equipment or vehicles that block bus stops. Today, all buses of our company are wheelchair accessible. Bus especially the express ones which were designed in a different way for that purpose, although some users assure that they still face difficulties in using them. Our company uploaded a video to YouTube to show how disabled passengers use the express bus's wheelchair lifts, which emerge from the center of the vehicle. Our company also testing a new bus model, including one that debuted last month as part of a pilot plan that includes “a unique class of low entrance hall, and an automatic ramp that allows easier access for wheelchairs”. According to the agency, bus operators complete once year training on how to operate bus lifts and access ramps. This year, our company also added training to remember these practices, which are taken by drivers every six months. As part of the international Mobility Company, our Bus Company is able to deliver the finest products from around the globe which includes electrically operated bus and coach wheelchair access lifts, ramps and flexible flooring. These solutions can all be engineered to meet an infinite range of specifications and are proven to deliver safety, usability and reliability of the utmost calibre. You can find more detailed information by accessing the following link. Click here to know more about Wheelchair lift Bus Company.

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